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Pipe Prop, the Leading Pipe Support System, Launches New Website.
Fort Worth-Based JMB Industries Pairs with Dallas Internet Marketing Company to Launch New Website for Pipe Prop.

When Jim Miller discovered all the crazy ways other HVAC technicians would use to support pipe, he became concerned. The Pipe Prop was his solution to unsafe practices, and offers a dependable way for industry professionals to support piping on commercial roofs. Because the Pipe Prop has seen such enormous success over the years, the Pipe Prop team recently partnered with Dallas SEO company Advice Interactive Group to launch a brand-new website.

The Pipe Prop system can be used for a number of industries, including in HVAC, electric, and roofing work. Because of its durability, security, and quality, it has become the number one pipe support system for industry professionals. The system is easy to install, requiring only four simple steps, and is guaranteed to keep piping, conduit, and gas supply lines completely safe from the elements. .

The Pipe Prop team is located at:

JMB Industries, Inc. - dba Pipe Prop

6340 Baker Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76118


The new Pipe Prop website features detailed information about the Pipe Prop system, including its specifications, installation instructions, and downloadable PDF drawings of the various models. Visitors to the site can also discover contact information for local distributors in 16 states across the country. Customer testimonials, feedback forms, and a managed blog have also been added to the site, making it a complete user experience.

About Pipe Prop
Before he invented the Pipe Prop, Jim Brown worked as an HVAC contractor for 33 years. The idea for the Pipe Prop system came from his experiences with the makeshift constructions other technicians would build to hold up pipe on commercial roofs. Brown developed his own system--one that was durable, adjustable, and completely safe--to eliminate the need for unstable and handmade props. For more information on the Pipe Prop's advantages and features, contact the company by calling 1-888-590-0120 today.


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