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Krueger-HVAC Releases New FAQ Web Portal for Air Distribution Products. 
The goal of Krueger’s FAQ Web Portal is to give engineers, architects, building owners, and contractors a location to easily search for air distribution information. Product information groups include diffusers, grilles and registers, terminal units, chilled beams, fan coils, underfloor products, critical room solutions, and displacement ventilation.

Although categorized by product segments, all information is not necessarily product focused. Many questions discuss related material, such as general terminology, installations, application, or best practices.

“We are excited to offer an additional medium by which Krueger Representatives and their customers can obtain product and application support, both during and after business hours,” said Paul Christiansen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Krueger-HVAC. “In fact, we believe this will be a great tool for us internally to strengthen our customer service group and enable us to cross train more efficiently.”

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Information contained within the FAQ Web Portal is provided by professionals with decades of combined industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. For new questions received by Krueger’s application team or through the web, those answers are now quickly documented so they can be made available to assist others looking for the same information. Updates to the library occur on a daily or weekly basis, depending on frequency.

Krueger-HVAC is committed to providing sustainable, innovative air distribution products and solutions through industry involvement, facility improvements, personnel investments, and training programs for architects, building owners, contractors and consulting engineers. The commitment to continual progress enables the development of electronic tools, such as the new FAQ Web Portal, and plays a large part in Krueger’s growth and success.

About Krueger-HVAC
Founded in 1948, Krueger-HVAC is a leading manufacturer of air distribution solutions for commercial and industrial applications, including diffusers, grilles and registers, terminal units, fan coils, chilled beams, underfloor products, critical room solutions, and displacement ventilation.

To learn how Krueger-HVAC can assist you in your next air distribution application, contact us at http://www.krueger-hvac.com.

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