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HVAC Dispatch Manager Pro dispatching software is designed to improve the timeliness and effectiveness for HVAC service contractors.

Are your sales where you would like them to be? Are your customers satisfied with your service and response times? Is your service operation profitable? Can you even answer these questions? Without tracking your calls efficiently you can not begin to answer these questions and, if you are like all the other service contractors in your area, how you respond in the field determines how much you are going to make and ultimately how profitable you will be. Dispatch Manager Pro dispatching software system provides hvac service contractors with a means to offer maintenance contracts and the ability to follow up with your existing customer base to create additional sales easily.

Top Features Include:

The Dispatch Board is the heart of Dispatch Manager Pro. At a glance you can view the entire days activity for each of your technicians. Each call can be color coded to indicate what type of call it is such as green for warranty, blue for maintenance or white for an installation. Pick your layout. Each of your employees that are involved in scheduling can define how the dispatch board will look at their workstation. Both the columns and the rows can be defined by the user in addition to what information is displayed for each dispatch ticket.

The date scroll object feature is located in the top left corner of the dispatch board. It allows your operators to change the date that they are looking at anytime. Calls can easily be moved from one date to another or one technician to another by simply clicking on the call to move it then drag it to the new date/technician that will be reassigned the call. New calls can be scheduled for any technician in any open time slot.

Editing of one dispatch record feature. On this window the buttons across the top of the window define the various functions that Dispatch Manager Pro supports for each dispatch record such as scanning paper documents and attaching them to the dispatch, texting your technicians with their next call and using MapQuest to locate the customer.

Billing and completing the service call feature allows you to record all related costs for the selected dispatch. You can record labor hours, material costs and deductions of serialized parts from your inventory files. This feature also supports bar code scanners for fast inventory updates.

Collecting payments on a service call is not only very important feature it must be an easy function to use. Using the type of payment drop down field you can indicated what kind of payment has been made such as check, cash or credit card. It is also important to know that this software can be made to interface with many of the off the shelf accounting products.

Download a Free Trial
Visit www.dispatchmanagerpro.com to download the fully operational Dispatch Manager Pro software on your computer to use at your convenience. The FREE trial is a working copy of the software that allows you to take the program for a spin and get a feel for the functions and features. 

Contact Information
Dispatch Manager Pro
2032 East Square Lake Rd
Suite 200
Troy, Michigan 48085
Phone 248-879-1883

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