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Contractor's Sales Skyrocketed in Tough Times.
Meet Contracting Stars that Stand Out From the Crowd!

Studies Indicate That More Than 90% of Contractors Are In Major Debt. This challenging economy is eating up contractors left and right. Meet three contractors that found success in these challenging times…due to Total Immersion Sales Summit. They sponsor this year’s Summits and share their thoughts below. 

Radiant Plumbing Bypassed the Faltering Construction Industry, due to Total Immersion. Sarah and Brad Casebier, owners of nearly 10-year-old Radiant Plumbing of Austin, TX, attended Total Immersion Sales Summit, as did two of their service technicians. As a result, their company successfully transitioned from construction contracting into services selling, and this year they envision service sales projections of 75-percent of their business.

“I honestly don’t think our company would have grown like it has in the last year-and-a-half if we hadn’t attended Total Immersion. We are proud that our contractors learned how to have honest conversations with customers, create solutions for customers’ problems, and let them choose which solution is right for them,” says Sarah.

Cheek HVAC Grows 14-Percent From Total Immersion David Cheek, owner of 11-year-old Cheek HVAC of Cumming, GA, experienced 14-percent business growth from 2007 to 2008, once his two technicians attended Total Immersion last April. Now, this fixture in the Atlanta community is not only surviving in this tough economy, but prospering. 

“We experienced immediate financial results and improvements, not only in our bottom-line, but in our technicians’ attitude and their being. They took off like rockets. The rest of us fed off of their new approaches and
energy. The workshop was so productive that we experienced our biggest summer,” says David, who attended with wife Danielle…on their anniversary. “It was a great experience, and we put into practice what we learned,” he says, says David, who plans to send two technicians to Total Immersion this April. “We want the whole team on board.”

Jones Services Experiences Record-Breaking Sales Deb and Bill Jones, owners of 23-year-old Jones Services Company in Hudson Valley, NY, know what it’s like to not sleep at night worrying about bills and wanting to keep technicians working. Yet, they did not suffer from the 2008 economic downturn, and instead, experienced record-breaking sales during two of their typically more challenging months, because they attended Total Immersion Sales Summit.

“Like so many others, we could have been in a lot of trouble...But instead, the service department was on fire; the supply houses began asking us, ‘What’s your secret?,’” says Bill Jones. “Our call-backs are down 75% and customer complaints are almost non-existent. Every
person in our company has been through the six-day Total Immersion Sales Summit. Our colleagues all agree that the Summit was the biggest factor in keeping them out of the red in these hard economic times. Some admit they were just weeks from closing their doors, and
Total Immersion turned their company around.”

Join Joe Crisara, America’s Sales Coach to the Contracting Industry, as he leads you through the exciting and life-changing Total Immersion Sales Summit. “We’ve been where many contractors are today, having lived through just about every nightmare imaginable,” says this former contractor who turned around his struggling business into a success. “We know how contractors are hurting in this challenging economy, and they need help now! We help hurting contractors turn around their financial results and live the life they always imagined.” 

Attend Total Immersion Sales Summit:

      »»Atlanta, Georgia – Sunday April 19 – Friday, April 24, 2009
       »»Goshen, New York – Sunday May 3 – Friday, May 8, 2009

Ready to begin increasing your sales success? It's easy to register for a Total Immersion Sales Summit: 
Phone: Call (877) 764.6304 
Online: www.TotalImmersionSales.com or 
Email: julie@contractorselling.com  
Download our brochure for more information.

About Contractor Selling
Joe and his wife Julie Crisara formed www.ContractorSelling.com, a highly successful contractor sales consulting business and membership-based community for HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors that has built up an enormous following of more than 1000 contractors. Total Immersion Sales Summit is one of their many programs that specifically serve contractors with the purpose of strengthening their sales and making them far more successful.

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