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LEED® scorecard pointers add up to win for Acutherm.

In a one-month period following the release of Acutherm's new LEED® scorecard guide, Acutherm has seen a 10% increase in web traffic, a 500% increase in webinar attendance, and a flurry of activity with specifying engineers. The guide focuses directly on how many LEED points can be influenced through the specification of Acutherm products. 

A recent ad headline placed in the July issue of ASHRAE Journal to
promote the guide, reads “26 LEED® Credits can be influenced by specifying an Acutherm Therma-Fuser™ system.” Below the headline, a LEED scorecard is pictured with callouts to specific scoring criteria. Top-level information is provided within the ad, with the full report
available as a free download from the company's website.

Inside the downloaded report, Acutherm highlights the criteria within a LEED scorecard where the Therma-Fuser Diffuser system products can influence credit scoring. Information is provided on which products are applicable, how they relate to a building's operation, and justification for meeting award criteria.

Acutherm monitors website traffic on a weekly basis and has measured an increase in traffic directly tied to the release of the LEED scorecard guide. Mathew Thomas, Marketing Director for Acutherm notes, “Sustainability and Green Engineering are the largest industry initiatives, and Acutherm has taken the time to express our value proposition in terms that are relevant to architects, engineers, and facility operators. LEED certification is the holy grail for this audience
and our traffic stats validate that we've struck a chord.” Speaking to the success of the LEED guide, company CEO Kurt Herzog adds, “It doesn't matter how innovate our products are if we're not addressing the requirements for sustainable buildings.

We're having success with these materials because we've been listening to our customers and are giving them the data they asked for.” 

Acutherm's LEED scoring guide can be downloaded at www.acutherm.com/LEED 

Founded in 1978, Acutherm designs, manufacturers and distributes a line of Therma-Fuser™ VAV systems and thermally powered VAV diffusers for use in commercial HVAC systems. The company maintains it's own R&D and manufacturing facilities in order to have total control over product quality. This policy has made Acutherm the decisive leader in the VAV diffuser market. A fully equipped testing laboratory staffed by graduate engineers sustains ongoing research into product improvement and new product development, with all new products completely developed and fully tested before going into production.
The company is headquartered in Hayward, California, with representation throughout the world.

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