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“No Ducks In The Attic” by R J Schuster examines the overlooked basics of professional HVAC installation.

Fifteen-year HVAC industry veteran R J Schuster reveals the often overlooked basics of HVAC installation in the fun and easy to read “No Ducks In The Attic”. The newly released paperback is now available on HVACWebConnection.com/hvacbooks.htm

“No Ducks In The Attic” by R J Schuster is both a “how-to” andNo ducks in the attic. And other basics of HVAC installation “why-to” book for professionals involved in residential HVAC installations. Throughout the easy to read, often tongue-in-cheek book he discusses many subjects that are often assumed to be understood, or simply never taught in the industry. While passing over subjects such as refrigeration theories which are commonly dissected in most other HVAC books, he chose instead to explain real life, jobsite situations including duct design and condensate problems. From there, the author shows how to apply that knowledge to day-to-day challenges in the field.

“As an installation manager for many years, I saw the same problems over and over again, which were simply the result of a few holes in the technicians’ training programs. With just a little tweaking, we can produce, not only happier customers with fewer call-backs, but also greater profitability and more rewarding careers” explains Schuster. 
“No Ducks In The Attic”, published by BookSurge, is available in paperback through HVACWebConnection.com/hvacbooks.htm

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