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F.W. Webb partners with Hallowell International.

F.W. Webb Company, headquartered in Bedford, recently announced a partnership with Hallowell International.

Hallowell International makes the Acadia, a combined heating and cooling system. The F.W. Webb Company is the largest distributor of HVAC products in the region, so this partnership with Hallowell International should help both parties involved.

The Acadia is a revolutionary new green technology to heat and cool a home. But the main goal of this product is to help consumers save money.

“The Acadia system is a welcome complement to our green initiatives,” said John Thomas, who is the vice president of HVAC & Controls for the F.W. Webb Company. “We are deeply committed to technologies that promote energy efficiency and reduce the use of fossils fuels that are at the same time affordable to installers and consumers.”

The Acadia is a single system engineered to comfortably heat and cool homes no matter what the weather outside is. As a patented, next generation heat pump, the engineers at Hallowell International created the Acadia using revolutionary boosted compression technology, enabling this clean technology to run effectively and efficiently in temperatures as cold as negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a press release.

“We are excited about expanding our relationship with F.W. Webb to make energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and clean technology more rapidly available to homeowners and businesses,” said Duane Hallowell, president and CEO of Hallowell International.

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