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Viconics Electronics Inc.

For over 25 years, Viconics Electronics Inc has brought its expertise to the HVAC industry through thoughtful product innovations created based upon direct market feedback. Our products are designed for ease of installation, end customer use, and long product life.

Viconics found its humble beginnings manufacturing micro-controller based industrial process controllers in the mid 1980’s.

With the proliferation and growth of electric-electronic control systems, Viconics Inc. identified a market niche, and began development of pre-programmed, field-flexible stand-alone temperature controller with embedded PI (proportional-integral) control logic.

Since then, Viconics has grown its product lines to include unitary control products featuring BACnet®, Lontalk® and Wireless Zigbee® communication capabilities. Viconics continues to focus on the modernization of core humidity, electric heat in addition to an array of OEM specific product lines.

Viconics, headquartered in Montreal, Canada is an ISO9001:2008 certified company with a focus on continuous improvement to product quality, customer service and continuous innovation.

Viconics is also a ISO14001:2004 certified company, taking an environmental stewardship role and manufacturing products which provide energy savings opportunities all while exceeding many of today’s stringent worldwide standards.         

Viconics Electronics Inc.

Introducing the VWZS Wireless Communicating Zoning System

Bringing a Cost-effective, Scalable Zoning System to the Commercial Mid-market
The VZ7200 can be ordered with an on-board PIR (Passive Infra Red) occupancy sensor.
VZ7200 pressure dependent VAV controller
 VZ7656 controller serves as a master-scheduler as well as a rooftop unit controller.
The Viconics VWZS Wireless Zoning System has been specifically designed to bring a simple scalable zoning system solution to the commercial mid-market without the cost associated with typical DDC type zoning systems.

The system is comprised of two main components: the VZ7200 pressure dependent
VAV controller and the VZ7656 controller, which serves as a master-scheduler as well as a rooftop unit controller. The VZ7200 can be ordered with an on-board PIR (Passive Infra Red) occupancy sensor. The PIR allows for control of demand based occupancy strategies, further optimizing the controller to be able to provide greater energy savings to unoccupied zones during scheduled occupancy periods.

Together, these components work to provide exceptional comfort and system performance rivaling more costly and complex programmable automation systems and can be installed at a fraction of the total installed cost of a comparable system.

System set-up, installation and commissioning have been simplified by eliminating the need for separate commissioning equipment or tools. All necessary configuration, addressing, zone-weighting etc., is accomplished via the local LCD interface included on all components of the system.

The most unique feature of the zoning system is its scalability. A single Roof Top Unit can support up to 100 individual zones.

The VWZS offers unparalleled flexibility through the use of the ZigBee® communication protocol. The simple addition of a Viconics VWG-APP-1000 wireless communication card allows for the zoning system to be fully integrated into the
Niagara AX™ software framework and development environment from Tridium for any
Jace2 or Jace6 hardware platform.

Moreover, since no external programming tools are required, mechanical service technicians can quickly and easily service the system without the need for support from other controls vendors.

Features Include:

Utilizes the ZigBee® protocol for data exchange and connectivity eliminating the need for any additional network wiring.

Real DDC type control functionality and accuracy.

LCD interface on both zoning and rooftop controllers.

Embedded configuration utility using simple text based configuration parameters.

Rooftop unit controller features onboard scheduling eliminating the need for separate time clock or panel.

Rooftop unit controller features onboard static pressure controller, discharge and return sensors and additional monitoring input for most used applications.

Zoning controller features optional PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion
detector capabilities for additional energy saving strategies.



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Viconics is an ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Certified Company
Viconics Technologies Inc.
9245 Langelier  Blvd. St-Leonard  Quebec I Canada  H1P 3K9
Tel.: (514) 321-5660  Fax: (514) 321-4150

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