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Turbonics Hydronic Wall Mount Fan Coils.




Hydronic/HVAC Industries latest innovation! 
Cost effective competition for many high velocity and mini-split system applications.


With Turbonics Macro-Zonal™ Hydronic Mid-Velocity™ Blowers, each room or area of the home has thermostatic control capable of heating or cooling each area efficiently and conveniently providing perfect human thermal comfort. Macro-Zonal™ systems are designed to provide an economical & cost effective alternative to Standard Ducted HVAC, Expensive High Velocity Ducted Systems and Costly Ductless Mini-Splits.

MVB Series units are the only Hydronic Mid-Velocity™ Blowers in the industry. 
With Built-In 4", 6" or 8" collars ready to connect to Flexible Insulated Ducting, installation is a snap. Units come either Heating Only or Heating Cooling with either 1 or 2 state of the art copper/aluminum cores specially designed to extract the
maximum amount of energy. Connects to 2-pipe or 4-pipe Heating Only or any type Heating/Cooling system.

Specifically designed to be used with every type of alternative energy system under the sun, including Solar, Geothermal, Reverse Cycle Chillers, Waste Heat Recovery, Off-Peak Thermal Storage and other alternative fuel systems. Using Dual Power+Plus™ double coils piped in parallel, MVB units can provide from 12,000 to 83,800 Btu/Hr of heating and from 1 to nearly 3.5 tons of cooling, while delivering the most favorable supply air temperatures of any hydronic fan coil system in the industry. Comfort Heating & Cooling, Controlled humidity, and Low Energy Bills illustrate just how significant the Dual Power+Plus advantage is.

• Four Pole PSC Motor
• Copper/Aluminum Coil

• 115 VAC or 208-230 VAC
• External Electrical connections
• Non-Fiberous insulation for cooling
• Easy Service Access to all equipment
• Cooling Units Insulated with Drain Pan
• Sweat Pipes extend outside the unit
• 4" Standard Ports Custom Options
• Includes (4) Mounting Brackets
• 2-Pipe or 4-Pipe and Dual Power+Plus
• Operates at up to .6" Static Pressure
• Full 5 year Limited Factory Warranty
• Positive Pressure Drain Pan location
• Primary and Auxiliary Drain Port
• Mid-Velocity™ Range Blower System

Mid Velocity Blowers Application Sheet    Mid Velocity Connection Instructions


About Turbonics Inc. 
Turbonics has provided Hydronic Fancoils to the HVAC industry for over 50 years. Starting with the Chill Chaser in the 1950's to the Toester Undercounter Fan Coils in 1980 to it's latest and most innovative product, the Heat/Cool Macro-Zonal MVB Series Mid-Velocity Blower in 2010. Turbonics range of products provide Heating/Cooling Units delivering from 3,000 to 84,000 Btu/Hr.

Turbonics continues to provide innovative equipment to be used with the latest technological advances of the industry. Micro-Zonal or Macro-Zonal heating and cooling systems, both are great examples of Turbonics commitment to it's corporate motto: "Innovation Is An American Tradition!"

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