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Amiralin Innovations LLC was created in Columbia Missouri in 2012 with three founders and one investor. It all started at the 2012 Idea Bounce competition that REDI had organized inside its second entrepreneurial summit. Dan Vande Voorde had competed in the idea bounce competition with a prototype that would come to be known as the HVAC Strap TM. This HVAC manifold gauge hanger will hold your HVAC gauges with a magnet and a strap to make your life so much easier.

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New Magnetic HVAC Strap™ Makes Service Calls Easier, Earns Outstanding Reviews From HVAC Technicians. 
The HVAC Strap TM is a magnetic HVAC manifold gauge holder, so you don't have to "hassle with the hook." It is proudly made in the USA for HVAC technicians invented by an HVAC technician.

AmiraLin, maker of the new HVAC Strap™ – a magnetic manifold gauge holder – has finally solved a historic problem for air conditioning and refrigeration technicians: trying to hang a manifold gauge by its built-in hook.

Invented by an HVAC technician for HVAC technicians, the new HVAC Strap is constructed from heavy-duty woven material, coated metal (to avoid scratching or damaging the finish of the HVAC unit), plus a powerful magnet. The HVAC Strap attaches quickly and easily to the manifold gauge, and its magnet allows the technician to hang the gauge almost anywhere – wherever it’s easiest to be seen.

“In the past, HVAC technicians like myself have had to ‘hassle with the hook’ – trying to find a safe, convenient place to hang our manifold gauges by its industry-standard hook,” explained Dan Vande Voorde, AmiraLin CEO and inventor of the HVAC Strap. “In frustration, we almost always just ended up putting our gauges on the ground, which is inconvenient, makes them hard to see, and creates a potential trip hazard. I invented the HVAC Strap to let me hang my gauge wherever it’s easiest for me to see, so I can work as easily and efficiently as possible.”

Benefits of the HVAC Strap include…

• Enhanced safety (no gauges near high voltage, no hook near fan blades, no trip hazard on ground)

• Improved efficiency (put the gauge where it’s easiest to see and use)

• Non-damaging to HVAC units (magnet is coated to prevent scratching painted finishes of units)

AmiraLin previewed the HVAC Strap at the 2013 AHR Expo, and received rave reviews from technicians. Prototypes in the field this spring and summer have surpassed expectations, and the HVAC Strap is now in stock and ready to deliver.

The product is available to HVAC distributors through a nationwide network of manufacturer’s representatives, or on the company’s website. For additional information, and to watch a demonstration video of the new magnetic HVAC Strap, visit the AmiraLin website at hvacstrap.com. Or call the company at 855-729-8428..

AmiraLin LLC
500 East Walnut St, Suite 105, Columbia, MO 65201

www.hvacstrap.com | Phone: 855-729-8428


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