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Continental Industries Ceiling Diffusers
100 West Windsor Avenue
Elkhart, Indiana 46514


Email: info@continentalindustries.com



P19/20 Series Ceiling Diffusers
Round and Square Ceiling Diffusers.



Continental Industries, Inc. 

Omnidirectional Plaque Diffuser for T-bar or lay-in ceiling applications.

Continental Industries announces today the release of a new product series for T-bar or lay-in ceiling applications. This line of plaque or shelf diffusers has been named the OPD Series for “omnidirectional plaque diffuser.”
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When you need a clean look for your commercial air distribution project, nothing beats the OPD series for lay-in ceiling applications.  The OPD offers indirect and high volume air delivery while providing the clean aesthetics preferred by many owners, facility managers, and occupants.  Plaque and plenum designs ensure true omnidirectional air flow as well as quiet, unobtrusive operation. This makes the OPD an efficient alternative to more traditional stepdown cone models. The OPD is offered with and without plenum insulation. Several fixed collar sizes are available as is a non-collar version for inventory flexibility. 

Omnidirectional Plaque Diffusers:  Features, Advantages and Benefits.

  • Steel construction. 
  • 360° air diffusion.
  • Quiet, unobtrusive operation.
  • Heavy-gauge plaque with corner radius.
  • Non-insulated & R1 and R6 insulation options.
  • Fixed collars in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”.
  • Non-collar models for use with separate 5400
    Series snap-in collar.


The OPD offers the high volume of air diffusion typical or more traditional step-down, cone models, such as the Continental HVS Series. The OPD does so, however, while offering an appearance that many find more architecturally pleasing. The OPD offers a “clean” look that is meant to blend into the surrounding lay-in ceiling panels. 
Download Literature: Plaque Diffuser Spec Sheet    
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