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Noritz Unveils Breakthrough Replacement Technology with the EZTR40 Residential Water Heater, a 40-Gal. Replacement.
Noritz is the first tankless manufacturer to offer a condensing residential unit
with top-mounted connections and flexible venting through existing B-Vent,
making the replacement of 40-gallon, tank water heaters easier and
more affordable than ever.

Noritz America is revolutionizing the water heater industry, taking tankless-for-tank replacement installation to a new level of ease and affordability, with the new EZTR40 condensing tankless water heater for residential applications. Noritz will be showcasing the unit to contractors with the EZTR40 Roadshow, visiting over 250 locations in the South and West from October 1 to November 20.

Designed to replace a conventional 40-gallon tank-type water heater for two-bath residences in warm-weather climates, the new EZTR40 streamlines the tank-replacement process with three key features:

•The EZTR40 vents with two-inch, flexible polypropylene tubing that is threaded directly through the existing B-Vent formerly used by the tank water heater it is replacing. As a result, there is no need to spend time changing out the vent.

•In addition, water connections are located on the top of the EZTR40, not the bottom. This allows the flexible hot-and-cold-water lines used by the tank-type water heater to be quickly and easily reconnected to the new EZTR40. Not only does this save time traditionally spent creating new plumbing around the tankless unit, but it also gives the final application a cleaner look.

•The EZTR40 uses the same half-inch gas line used by the old tank unit, which eliminates the need to up-size to 3/4-inch run in replacement situations. This cuts labor time by up to half, while avoiding the material cost for new gas piping, resulting in a substantially reduced installed cost to the homeowner.

“Noritz is the first and only tankless water heater manufacturer to offer all these features that make the tank-replacement job more intuitive and straightforward — and therefore quicker and less costly,” says Noritz Marketing Manager Jason Fleming. “With the EZRT40, plumbing installers and their customers get the benefits of time savings and installation ease with all the energy- and space-saving advantages of tankless.”

To make installation even easier:

•The EZTR40 includes a step-by-step manual that gives simple, visual instructions on how to install the unit.

•To further streamline the installation process, the packaging includes a QR code linked to a five-minute instructional video that can be easily accessed with a smart phone, tablet or laptop on the jobsite.

•The EZTR40 is packaged with all the accessories needed for a successful installation.

Measuring 18.3 inches wide x 27.2 inches high x 9.4 inches deep, the unit weighs only 50 pounds, so that a single tradesperson can handle the installation.

Other important features include:


•BTU INPUT RANGE: 15,000-120,000 BTU per hour, with a maximum flow rate of 6.6 gallons per minute at a 35°F rise in water temperature.

•BUILT-IN DIGITAL DISPLAY: In addition to controlling operations, the integral digital display permits basic servicing without the need for a remote device. Located on the lower right of the front panel, this readout assists troubleshooting by indicating flow rates, water temperature and common error codes.

•12-YEAR WARRANTY: The EZTR40 protects the environment by heating water strictly on demand, while offering a longer product life cycle than storage tank-type models. The warranty for each unit is 12 years on the two heat exchangers, made of long-lasting, high-grade stainless steel; five years on parts; one year on labor.

For more information on the EZTR40 condensing tankless water heater, visit www.noritz.com/professionals.

For more information on the EZTR40 Roadshow, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/NoritzAmerica.

NORITZ AMERICA CORPORATION, a subsidiary of Noritz Japan, has corporate offices in Fountain Valley, Calif., and Atlanta, offering a full line of tankless water heaters to meet the hot water demands of residential and commercial applications. Noritz supports its products with a national network of skilled representatives and employees who are committed to providing the finest products and services to our communities by helping consumers live in a more comfortable, efficient and healthy lifestyle. For more information on Noritz America and the entire line of Noritz’s Energy Star® tankless water heaters, please call (877) 986-6748 or visit our website at www.noritz.com.


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