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Burnham Hydronics 
Burnham’s MPOTM Boiler
Burnham MPO Boiler87% AFUE Cast Iron 3-Pass Design
Having an efficient heating system is critical in today’s world.

That is why Burnham designed the MPO boiler from the ground up — focusing on efficiency while at the same time making sure your family’s level of comfort is not compromised.

From the drawing board, we designed the MPO to out perform anything in the industry. Our experienced engineers enhanced the three-pass boiler design by raising the bar within the industry.

Easy to Clean - front to back Installer Friendly Plug & Play Wiring
Not only is the Burnham MPO boiler easy to service — which saves your valuable time and money — but it is easy to install in your home.

The dimensions of the boiler require less space than some competitors and the smaller size guarantees an easier move into your basement.

The MPO boiler is also the easiest oil boiler in the industry to clean which
means it will run efficiently for many
years to come.
USA Made American Craftsmanship
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Here at Burnham we are passionate about our products, and we want to insure your family with the security of the Burnham Hydronics name.

When you select Burnham, you’re buying more than just an appliance. Burnham is dedicated to providing you with a heating system that operates efficiently and effectively.

Every product we make is crafted of the highest quality materials and components — by experts committed to delivering the absolute best.

MPO 3-Pass Design
The unique 3-pass design passes the flue
gases through the MPO heat exchanger
and cast iron sections 3 times - saving energy and prolonging burner life.
The dependable cast iron also has the ability to absorb and transfer heat quickly.
The MPO castings generate heat output almost 2 times as much as the competitor.
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