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The T-32-P™ Thermostat: a Contractor’s Friend

T-32-P™ universal thermostat – designed with the HVAC contractor in mind. HVAC contractors know that time is money. They know ease of equipment installation can mean the difference between a successful week of completed projects or a growing backlog of others. Jackson Systems LLC knows that, too. And the company is happy to show off its latest answer to the call for easier installations. 

Welcome to the newest version of the Comfort System™ T-32-P™ universal thermostat – designed with the HVAC contractor in mind. It is faster to configure than any touch screen thermostat on the market and easier to install, too. Here’s why: 

The configuration and selection settings are done with simple changes to the slide switches on the thermostat. There is no need to enter a complicated installer setup menu to change the thermostat from single stage to multi-stage, heat pump, or even dual fuel applications. Users can even choose between 2 or 4 program events per day with a single slide switch. And Jackson Systems LLC listened to its customers – contractors who wanted easier set-up of the thermostats. 

The early versions of the T-32-P™ were powerful but were found to be complicated to set up by some contractors. Therefore, the newest version of the T-32-P™ has incorporated some great design suggestions to make it easier than ever to install and configure. And it isn’t just the HVAC contractors who are impressed by the T-32-P™. “Customers are impressed with the looks and operation,” said Joe Strickler of Refrigeration & Electric Service, Winter Haven, FL. That’s newsworthy because Strickler said that most of his customers “are not aware of all the different things that can be done with the thermostat!”

That could be because the T-32-P™ has a lot of powerful features that are more easily understood by installers and technicians. For example, the T-32-P™ can handle applications from 1H/1C up to 3H/2C with dual fuel and still deliver even more. It includes advanced features such as integrated Modbus communications, adjustable setpoint limits, temperature averaging, and webbased, remote access when used in conjunction with Jackson Systems’ WEB Comfort™ system. 

“I like the fact that the T-32-P™ is versatile and can work with a lot of systems,” said Randy Hoffman of Control Tech, Zionsville, IN. “I like its appearance – and the customers do, too.” Hoffman said that the thermostat’s features are not its only selling points – it’s the company that sells it. “The service is top notch at Jackson Systems,” he noted. “I always get service right away and never have to wait on hold. They are one of the best companies I have ever worked with.” “Jackson gives great service, good pricing, and they offer great support when needed,” added Strickler. “They really know their stuff.” 

That’s good news to Jackson Systems LLC CEO Thomas Jackson, who takes customer feedback very seriously. “We have incorporated some great suggestions from our customers to make it easier than ever to install and configure,” he said. “The T-32-P™ is truly the ultimate stocking thermostat for every job – both in residential and commercial markets. It is the choice when considering a universal, stocking thermostat for any application. It is a great thermostat with great features offered at a great price.” 

For more information on the T-32-P™ and other fine zoning and control products, call toll free (888)-652-9663 or visit www.jacksonsystems.com.

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