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Optimum Energy’s OptimumMVM™ Service Advances Commercial HVAC Management; Enables Persistent Energy Reductions.

Web-based measurement, verification and management service provides real-time operating information and analysis tools for fast detection, diagnosis and repair of HVAC system faults.

Optimum Energy, LLC, provider of heating, ventilating and air
conditioning (HVAC) software solutions that set a new standard in energy efficiency, today introduced OptimumMVM™, a Web-based measurement, verification and management service that is advancing the processes for day-to-day management of commercial HVAC systems and enabling persistent energy reductions in systems optimized with OptimumHVAC.

OptimumMVM is a key component of OptimumHVAC, a networked software solution that utilizes patented relational-control technologies to reduce energy consumption in commercial HVAC systems by 30 to 60 percent, and maintains those savings through ongoing measurement,
verification and management. OptimumMVM provides continuous operating data and analysis tools to measure system performance, and quickly detect, diagnose and repair system faults that are caused by changes and malfunctions in mechanical and control systems. As a result, the common problem of performance “drift” is prevented, ensuring that operating cost reductions resulting from HVAC energy efficiency investments are sustained year after year. 

“While most industries have greatly improved their business processes, productivity and profits through the use of enterprise applications, they have not, until now, been applied to the commercial HVAC industry,” said Nathan Rothman, founder and CEO of Optimum Energy. “Optimum Energy is changing that with our networked software solution that enables our customers to achieve up to 60 percent energy reductions today. OptimumMVM plays a key role in sustaining those savings, making previously invisible operations completely transparent. The ability to access and intelligently utilize performance data 24/7 is transforming the way our customers operate and maintain their plants.”

The OptimumMVM service offers a wide range of features that enable HVAC system operators to consistently maintain their plants for optimal performance. By displaying efficiency and operating data graphically, for the first time it is possible to see exactly how the HVAC system is
performing at any point in time. As a result, operators no longer have to wait for a formal commissioning process, or rely on physical inspections to uncover and diagnose hidden system faults that impact energy efficiency.

Additional features include alarms that provide an early alert system for declining energy performance, and the ability to analyze point-specific trend data and correlate the performance of multiple pieces of equipment. OptimumMVM also tracks energy and carbon emissions savings, helping to satisfy reporting requirements for incentives such as utility rebates, or green building certification programs such as the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®).

More information about the benefits of enterprise applications to the commercial HVAC industry is available in the whitepaper, “Setting New Standards for Ultra High Performance HVAC.” The whitepaper is available at: www.optimumenergyhvac.com/NewStandard.pdf

A fact sheet about the OptimumMVM service is available at: www.optimumenergyhvac.com/OptimumMVM_facts.pdf

Persistent HVAC Operating Efficiency with OptimumHVAC™ 
In addition to OptimumMVM, the OptimumHVAC solution includes OptimumLOOP™, software that optimizes the performance of chilled water plants, and OptimumTRAV™, software that controls the air side for more efficient delivery of heating and cooling. OptimumLOOP and OptimumTRAV software reside on an industry standard controller that is networked with the building automation system (BAS). Information obtained from the OptimumHVAC controller is available to operators, Optimum Energy, and other authorized personnel 24/7 via the secure, online OptimumMVM service. 

Optimum Energy’s solutions are used in a wide range of buildings, including: commercial high rise office towers, schools and universities, federal and state government facilities, data
centers, labs, medical facilities, airports, hotels, casinos and shopping centers.

About Optimum Energy, LLC
Based in Seattle, Optimum Energy’s reliable, demand-based Ultra High Performance HVAC optimization software applications are proven to permanently reduce commercial building HVAC energy consumption and operating costs up to 60 percent. More information is available
at www.optimumenergyhvac.com.

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