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JMB introduces Pipe Prop Drainage System.

FORT WORTH, TX — Pipe Prop Adjustable Drainage System provides an easy and dependable solution for roofing, HVAC, plumbing and electrical applications. 

Pipe Prop is available with 1½" saddles (Model APS-1) or 2½" saddles (Model APS-2), accommodating varying pipe sizes. Pipe Prop, the Professional's Choice, stands up to the severest weather and is the fastest, most cost-effective way to support pipe. 

The three-part unit, which includes a base, saddle and a securing strap, is affixed to the roof using adhesive recommended by the roofing manufacturer, making the base virtually immovable and forming a solid foundation for pipe support needs. The lightweight Pipe Prop only takes minutes to mount and secure. 

At a 3½-inch height, Pipe Prop withstands loads ranging from 8,192 pounds at 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 5,035 pounds at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Complete load testing data is available at www.pipeprop.com.  

JMB President Jim Brown said the company has had an enthusiastic response to its national product launch last year because Pipe Prop saves time and money. Brown, a 35-year veteran in the HVAC industry, invented Pipe Prop because woodblock supports, cobbled together to hold pipe, were unreliable and inefficient.

“The labor savings with Pipe Prop are incredible,” he said. “The typical job takes a fourth of the time as a wood block assembly would. The cost of this product is minimal compared to the cost of labor when using the old method. Time saved is money earned.

“Pipe Prop provides less liability exposure because no electrical tools are needed and gives a more professional appearance,” Brown said. 
Pipe Prop is used extensively by roofing contractors in Dade County, Florida, because it can stand up to the severest weather. “We expect Pipe Prop to become the product of choice for architects, structural engineers, consultants and contractors,” Brown said. 

More information about Pipe Prop may be found at www.pipeprop.com or by calling 1-888-590-0120 (toll-free).

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