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If excess inventory is not a problem, members can still benefit from the great bargains and discounts. Manufacturers and suppliers are also invited to list anything related to the industry, in any quantity. All items must be new, except tools and machinery. 
The company does not market to homeowners in an effort to limit use to professionals. Membership is free for a limited time, and there is no cost for listing. 

Making a profit is tough enough in this industry; don't let it waste away on your shelves. Break the cycle of adding to your dead inventory, and turn those items into cash, or replace them with the items you do use, and at discounts of up to 75%.
Visit us at www.oddballsupply.com.

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OddBallSupply.com launches web site for industry professionals to Buy and Sell excess HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical inventory.

Excess inventory is a problem that plagues most contractors, wholesaler and manufactures alike. Those non-moving items can dramatically eat into a company’s net profits. To make matters worse, the longer those items sit there, the more likely they are to get damaged or "misplaced". Oddballsupply.com can help turn that stock into cash. Members simply list their unproductive inventory on the website and it will be made available to thousands of professionals in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries. 


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