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ACCA Certified Manual J, S & D HVAC Designs
Phone: (801) 949-5337
Nationwide residential HVAC Design services including Manual J load calculations, Manual S equipment sizing based on OEM data not AHRI & Manual D duct designs. Certified by ACCA in Manual J, S & D. Upfront easy to understand pricing based on conditioned square footage & how quickly you need (3-day, 5-Day & 10-Day).
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Shop Drawings, Inc
Phone: 800-866-DRAW 
Provides Detailed Fabrication Drawings for Ductwork as well as Coordination Drawings for Plumbing, H.V.A.C. Piping, Ductwork, Sprinkler and Electrical Systems. We coordinate with collision check capabilities and provide adequate section details for a complete multi-color drawing.
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  • Air Systems Engineering, Inc. - Design-build construction services for HVAC. Also, supplies 'Automatrix' temperature controls. Fabricates custom sheet metal. Licensed mechanical and electrical engineers.
  • Andy's Best CAD - AutoCAD design and drafting services for HVAC, plumbing, mechanical fabrication, architectural, electrical, fire protection, CAD standards creation and CAD conversion projects.
  • CEC Consultants, Inc - Energy cost reduction, HVAC and facilities design, building comfort and indoor air quality services for major corporations.
  • Denman Corporation - Engineering consulting for facilities, modeling of steam and fluid dynamic systems, energy analysis, designing piping, hvac, water and steam piping systems.
  • Environmental Support Solutions, Inc. - Software, training, and facility services to help plant engineers, HVAC/R service technicians, and environmental officers comply with regulations.
  • Haynal and Company, Inc. - Title 24 energy calculations and HVAC design for the construction industry.
  • Horn Engineers - HVAC, plumbing, and energy management design for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.
  • ISinc, Inc. - 3D CAD design for semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. A single point design resource for construction issue documents. Managing projects as owner's representative.
  • John Cooper and Associates - Cooling tower thermal performance, upgrades, and testing.
  • Puckorius & Associates, Inc. - Consulting on cooling, boiler, process, waste, and reuse waters to all water-using industries.
  • RanStan, Inc.  -Offers over thirty-four years of experience in sheet metal shop drawings and coordination drawings to serve your needs. We provide AutoCAD based computer-aided shop drawing and coordination services to sheet metal contractors, mechanical contractors, and mechanical engineering consultants.
  • Richard D. Kimball Company, Inc. - HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering services.
  • Ronald R. Thomas, PE - Engineering Services - Solves HVAC and energy conservation problems.
  • Savoy Engineering Group - Load Calculations - 100% Manual J & Manual D PASS RATE on 5000+ projects with numerous Permit Offices, LEED, HERSRaters, Energy Star and Build Green projects throughout the United States since 2005. 3-DAY, 5-DAY & 10-DAY Turnaround. ACCA Certified Quality HVAC Designers
  • Shelby Industries - HVAC resources for TAC Controls, Lon Works and other Echelon Technologies, and building automation.
  • Shop Drawings, Inc. - Detailed fabrication drawings for sheet metal duct, HVAC and plumbing contractors. Since 1980.
  • Technical Air Balance - HVAC testing and balancing.
  • Wylie & Associates - Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing consulting engineering firm with experience in a variety of project types.
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