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Green Mechanical Council Joins ESCO Group.

The ESCO Group is pleased to welcome its newest member, the Green Mechanical Council.

The ESCO Group and its affiliates serve the HVACR and skilled trade industries to further enhance and raise the bar of technical education through standards development, professional certification, programmatic accreditation, curriculum development and publishing.

The group collectively sponsors the HVAC Excellence Educators and Trainers Conference which offers continuing education to educators and trainers in the HVACR Industry.

Jerry Weiss, Chairman of the ESCO Group welcomed Steven H. Allen, Executive Director of the Green Mechanical Council and his team to the ESCO Group during an official signing in front of hundreds of industry educators and trainers during the National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference.

With the addition of the Green Mechanical Council, the ESCO Group now manages eight prestigious industry groups including: ESCO Institute, HVAC Excellence, the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association, Educational Standards Corporation, AC&R Safety Coalition, ESCO Press, ESCO of Canada and the Green Mechanical Council.


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ESCO Group and the Green Mechanical Council have been working together for years in the development of green and sustainable training and certification; the combining of our groups under the ESCO Group management just made sense as it will further strengthen all our efforts and allow the Green Mechanical Council to offer a number of new programs through its ESCO Group affiliates.

The group brings together the largest provider of EPA Certification, the largest provider of programmatic accreditation, the industry leader in CO Safety, the industry's custom print solution provider, and the group setting the standards in sustainable solutions all under one umbrella.

To learn more about how the ESCO Group and its affiliates are helping move the industry forward, visit http://www.escogroup.org.


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