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BlackWire Designs Debuts New SafePlug Smart Energy Electrical Load Controller at CEDIA EXPO 2013.

Delivering enhanced electrical monitoring and management capabilities, including 3 x30Amp capacity relays, BlackWire Designs provides dealers with first-hand look at the new ZigBee-Certified SafePlug Model 1313.

BlackWire Designs a leading hybrid manufacturer and distribution resource for custom integrators is set to unveil the latest SafePlug Model 1313 Electrical Load Controller. With the ability to monitor real time energy consumption and control electrical loads, the new Electrical Load Controller also provides automated on-off control of pumps, water heaters, HVAC, lights, fans, heaters and many other loads based on schedule, remote commands or local button pushes. For remote control and Demand response, the SafePlug Load Controller uses the ZigBee Standard radio communication.

Well suited for residential installations, the SafePlug Model 1313 Load Controller offers control over 220V x 30A appliances, including common household items such as an electric water heater or electric dryer. And through simple integration, the 1313 can easily be installed at the circuit breaker panel or inline at the load's junction box.

Providing both dealers and consumers with the ultimate in flexibility and functionality, the SafePlug Model 1313 Load Controller is available in different versions for one, two or three loads for 120V (single or 3 phase) or 277V (3 phase) and 30A current; enabling control of one or two-speed motors up to 3hp. For even larger loads, the SafePlug Load Controller can also drive external relays for more than 30A.

"We have designed the SafePlug Model 1313 Load Controller to empower consumers with even more control than before," said Steve Montgomery, Chief Operating Officer for 2D2C, Inc. "From the ability to remotely monitor and control energy usage, enable load-shifting, and the reduction of energy waste by utilizing a built-in scheduler and real-time clock, both consumers and utility companies can leverage the enhanced capabilities of the new Load Controller to gain insight needed to decrease peak power consumption and help prevent blackouts."

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A Consumer benefits expand past monitoring to include equipment protection as well. The SafePlug Load Controller allows the isolation of equipment from high and low line voltage, while also protecting pumps from running dry and overheating. Helping to prevent fires, shocks and appliance damage from power faults, the controller also intuitively detects the need for maintenance such as the need to clean filters.

Adding to the device's versatility, the SafePlug Model 1313 Load Controller also offers an array of commercial control benefits. Offering control of 220V x 30A, 227V/480V x 20A circuits and equipment, the 1313 supports the following ZigBee-specific profiles:

 - Water Heater
 - Pool Pump
 - Irrigation Pump
 - Managed Commercial / Industrial Load
 - Miscellaneous Residential Loads
 - Interior Lighting
 - E-Vehicle

"Over the years we have partnered with SafePlug to deliver exceptional energy solutions to a wide array of custom installers," said Kevin Luther, founder of BlackWire Designs. "We are thrilled to now be the exclusive distributor of the latest SafePlug Model 1313 Electrical Load Controller and are confident that our dealers will appreciate the extended functionality and enhanced monitoring and management capabilities afforded by the new device."

Delivering accuracy to 1% - where most other products are within 5% at best - the SafePlug Load Controller is created to provide decades or reliable service, thanks to its water-resistant case and wiring conduit for indoor or outdoor installation. Furthermore, the controller works on the Control4 platform, allowing easy integration within the Control4 home automation system.

To learn more about BlackWire Designs please visit www.blackwiredesigns.com.

To learn more about SafePlug, please visit http://www.safeplug.com/.

About BlackWire Designs

Founded in 2005, BlackWire Designs is a leading hybrid manufacturer and distribution resource for custom integrators in the residential and commercial markets, offering best-in-class automation solutions, custom applications, drivers and simplified user interfaces. By delivering a full range of networking products, CCTV IP camera options, NVR solutions and more, BlackWire Designs has developed into a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for the most advanced and demanding custom install needs. For more information visit www.blackwiredesigns.com

About 2D2C, Inc.

2D2C, Inc. (www.2D2C.com) develops electrical wiring innovations for safety, energy and security. 2D2C, Inc. holds a number of patents on electrical safety and wiring devices and licenses its technology to other companies. 2D2C, Inc., a Delaware company, was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Lincolnshire, IL and operational facilities in Kitchener, ON Canada. SafePlug is a registered trademark of 2D2C, Inc.


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