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Emerson Flow Controls (formally Alco) now in stock at Metropac. 
Former Alco products are manufactured by Flow Controls under the Emerson brand. Emerson's main emphasis has been on technical advances and new products in the field fromEmerson Flow Controls (formally Alco) now in stock at Metropac.  which it took its original name: "Automatic Liquid Controls" for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.

Metropac now stocks the complete line of Emerson Flow Control Products. Available for same day shipping are:

System protectors increase the reliability of the refrigeration system by capturing and controlling contaminants such as moisture, acid, debris, resin, and wax.

Valves provide precise control of the refrigerant flow to maximize system performance or the ability to stop flow completely when required.

Oil management is critical to ensuring the reliable operation of the equipment while simultaneously maintaining high system performance.

Temperature pressure controls protect the system from damage during abnormal operating conditions and provide control during compressor cycling, pump-down and defrost conditions.

About Metropac
Metropac sells exclusively to wholesalers, OEM’s, and manufacturers reps, throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. They offer same day shipping, no minimums, a technical sales staff, and real time web order entry. Visit their web site at www.metropac.com to see their complete product offering or call their sales department at 800-852-HEAT(4328).

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