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Vent Cap Systems Has Developed a New Reusable Register Seal Solution for Energy Auditors and HVAC Service Providers.

Between rapidly rising fuel costs and the fact that more than 40 states currently have some type of energy auditing and weatherization legislation under consideration, energy auditors and HVAC technicians are kept very busy performing duct leakage or duct pressure tests. These tests involve covering every air duct (or register) in a home and pressurizing the HVAC system to check for leaks. The leakier the system, the less energy efficient the system.

Until recently, the most common way to seal ducts during the pressure test was to cover them with register sealing film (sort of a cross between saran wrap and shipping tape). Applying this film (or mask) is time consuming, wasteful and often leads to expensive repairs when the film damages paint, wallpaper or wood finish. Shortly after becoming a Certified Building Analyst, Corey Breed (Vent Cap Systems founder and inventor) realized there was a huge opportunity for innovation in sealing HVAC systems and he set out to create a better solution.


To that end, Breed created the patent-pending Vent Cap Systems™. After extensive development and real-world testing Vent Cap Systems are now available. The Vent Caps are reusable caps, made from recycled plastic, that seal an HVAC system for diagnostic testing after a new install, energy audit, duct cleaning or duct repair. Breed states, "Our simple 'hook & pull' system is adhesive-free and attaches quickly, quietly, and without waste or added liability. Energy auditors and HVAC service companies save money with Vent Cap Systems because there is no film to throw away, sealing the vents is quicker, and there is never any damage to the vent or surrounding areas. On top of that, the Vent Cap Systems provide a better seal; therefore, providing more accurate readings during a pressure test."

David Renault, Building Performance Manager with Strand Brothers Service Experts said, "We have started using the Vent Caps and love them. One of best things about it is saving us from all of the grills we replace annually because the tape has pulled off the paint. They also seal better than the tape on ceilings with that heavy popcorn texture. The crews also love the fact that it saves them time. It's been a win-win business decision for us." Installation and removal takes about 5 seconds.

Vent Cap Systems, based in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2010 to create products that allow energy auditors and HVAC service technicians to work smarter. With reduced overhead and the ability to work more quickly, auditors and service techs can lower costs and get more done in less time.


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