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Whether you are searching for PEX tubing, PEX manifolds, PEX tools,
or PEX fittings ,we have them all in our spacious warehouse, ready to ship directly to you. If there is a product that you need but cannot find on our website, please contact us. There is a good chance we can order it for you.  PexMall.com

Free Shipping on Pex Tubing.


PEX tubing Offering Countless Benefits over Copper Piping.


Free shipping on all Pex Tubing from Pex Mall.PEX crimp fittings are excellent supplies that are used for building PEX to PEX bridges. These fittings are employed to connect one PEX tubing or unit to other. These tubes are also used in numerous heating applications out of which the most served application is radiant heating system. With use of these fittings in radiant floor heating application the heated water is uninterruptedly circulated from one source to other. Water is circulated through floors, walls, ceilings so that the warming process can be optimally served. Plumbers find PEX tubing best because of the fact that they can serve lots of advantages to them and users.

PEX is high in demand because of great advantages offered by it over metal based pipes. They offer excellent fitting solutions in order to provide powerful functional system to users. The biggest advantage offered by fittings made with PEX is great sustenance even when the temperature has reached to extreme levels. PEX pipe and fittings are used in high heating temperatures thereby providing entire plumbing system with leak, crack or breakage proof operational mechanism. The PEX tubing and fittings offers easily operational, convenient to install and long lasting robust heating systems solution to users.

Another reason for increasing preference of pipes made with PEX is that it easily overcomes all shortcomings of plumbing tubes made with other metals. These fittings and pipes are provided to users after meeting stringent test norms that offer users with enhanced performance level of entire plumbing system. Even the installation system is very cheap, less messy and quick. These tubes are very versatile in nature. They are compatible with all types of plumbing units. The tubes even offer great flexible means and can be easily twisted and bent to be fit along corners.

The PEX tubing therefore offer users with excellent benefits over copper or PVC tubing and are finest plumbing pipes to
meet all kinds of plumbing applications.

Where to buy PEX tubing?
PexMall.com offers an extensive range of PEX supplies including PEX tubing with Oxygen Barrier for radiant heating and a wide range of non-barrier PEX tubing for plumbing applications.

Fast and Free Shipping- PLUS Free Shipping For All PEX Tubing!
One of the burdens of shopping online is paying for shipping, which may end up being more expensive than the product itself. PexMall has taken care of that for our valued customers. All orders above $250 get free shipping via UPS , a reliable carrier that provides fast and efficient shipping solutions. 

At PexMall.com we know PEX plumbing and heating backwards! We stock a huge range of PEX tubing products, including all the major brands, and our experienced staff are always on hand to help with your plumbing questions. Our main line of products include: PEX tubing with Oxygen barrier, non-barrier PEX pipe, PEX manifolds, Radiant Heat manifolds, PEX Plumbing manifolds, PEX crimp tools, PEX cutters and PEX accessories.

Visit PexMall.com to get the lowest price for all PEX supplies, find our coupons!

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