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Marketair Introduces RoughinBox™ to the North American Minisplit and VRF Installation Market.
RoughinBox™ is an innovative, time-saving, installation cost-cutting method for roughing in wall-mounted minisplit and VRF evaporator coil units.

Marketair Inc., an Edison, N.J.-based supplier of specialized HVAC industry components and accessories, introduces RoughinBox™, a sturdy plastic terminal box designed for expediting the rough-in of linesets, condensate hoses and electrical/communication cabling for wall-mounted minisplit and VRF evaporator installation.

RoughinBox reduces rough-in time by creating a central point with dedicated ports at which linesets, condensate hoses and electrical/communication cabling can safely and easily terminate. Once the RoughinBox is installed, piped and wired; the surrounding wall area is ready for future sheetrock installation, painting and minisplit evaporator connection.

Roughing in boxes have been a construction staple for years in European and South American ductless air conditioning markets. Now re-engineered and redesigned it is the first rough-in box to target the distinct sizing, compatibility requirements and codes of the North American residential and commercial construction markets.

The patent-pending RoughinBox comes in two models--the 14.5 x 10-inch (370 x 254-mm) RBX1-CD-NC bottom drain version for high wall installations; and the 14.5 x 7-inch (370 x 178-mm) side drain version with a lower profile suitable for restricted spaces above doors and windows where bottom drainage isn't possible. Both models have ample room to conceal a condensate pump and reservoir, when gravity drainage isn't possible.

Both models are constructed of high-density, blow-molded black polyethylene, which is seamless and waterproof. They have four adapters for fastening securely into metal or wooden wall studs at 16-inch-centers.

Other RoughinBox features include:

· One-year warranty;

· Certified for fire-rated walls when used with fire barrier putty pads;

· Removable rear panel provides an optional access opening for maintenance, replacements or repairs;

· Protects lineset and cabling from other trades during construction;

· Protects drain line inlet from dust and debris blockages during construction;

· and promotes post-construction installation to minimize evaporator coil cleanup and expedite commissioning.

Manufactured by Brazil-based Polar Industries, the RoughinBox is imported by Marketair, which is the product's exclusive export sales and product support representative outside South America. The RoughinBox will be available at most HVAC/R wholesale distributors throughout North America.

For more information on the RoughinBox or other innovative Marketair products, please visit www.marketair.com,
call (732) 985-8226 or email info@marketair.com.


About Marketair: Originally founded by President Gerry Spanger as a manufacturer's representative company in 1986, Marketair has now reinvented itself as an importer, exporter, manufacturer and distributor specializing in components and accessories for the HVAC industry. Headquartered in Edison, N.J., Marketair has acquired several innovative new products for commercial and residential HVAC applications, covering both the ducted and minisplit (ductless) sectors. Marketair also operates as a national distributor for smaller independent U.S. manufacturers. The company has established a national network of manufacturer's representatives through which these products are sold in the HVAC/R industry wholesale distributors. It has also established a centrally-located warehouse for shipping products throughout the U.S.

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