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Belimo Now Offers HVAC Zone Solutions for Residential Applications.
Belimo Americas, the trusted leader for 40 years in commercial HVAC is now available for residential applications. Whether you’re a home owner, contractor, equipment manufacturer or home automation provider, Belimo Residential offers the right solutions for you. From innovative dynamic air balancing solutions that provide maximum occupant comfort to smart design actuators with durable dampers providing top quality performance you can rely on.

  • Factory installed round damper assemblies from 4” to 20”
  • Standard, premium, in-duct or pressure bypass assemblies to meet your client’s needs
  • Fast, easy, and error proof installation for pressure bypass control dampers
  • One button setup on pressure bypass damper assemblies for time saving installations
  • High quality products with trouble free operation for reliable performance
  • 5-year limited warranty

All of Belimo’s Residential Actuators offer our dependable brushless DC motor which provides maximum reliability and low power consumption.



Damper Assemblies

Belimo offers a variety of durable heavy gauge damper assemblies made with double sheet metal blades and Poron™ edge seals providing superior quality. All assemblies include accessories for installation.


Pressure Bypass
The smart design of the Belimo pressure bypass assembly provides adaptive air pressure control in order to maximize occupant comfort. With imbedded logic, the actuator is able to maintain proper static pressure throughout the HVAC system.



As a contractor your goal is to provide your clients with reliable and efficient solutions that provide ultimate comfort in their home. Belimo, the world leader in commercial HVAC actuators now offers commercial quality damper assemblies for residential forced air zoning systems. The pressure bypass damper assembly provides fast and easy one button set up which automatically maintains duct static pressure while minimizing air noise and ensuring a comfortable environment. Belimo’s actuator and damper assemblies provide you fast easy installation and long term reliability.



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