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Stop Air Leaks.
Maximize HVAC Efficiency.


At last a product that sells itself and then pays for itself! 
You make money and your customers save money. 
The Attic Tent is a No-Brainer!

Attic Tent Access Insulator
The Attic Tent is the ultimate attic access insulation cover ever invented (attic stairs, scuttle holes, knee-wall doors, and full-size doors.) Its primary design is to stop air infiltration between the home and attic, the most common medium for wasting costly residential energy, during both hot and cold seasons. The HVAC systems in homes are designed for a closed envelope making air balancing with supply and return air, very critical. Every time these systems are operating they create a positive or negative pressure, thus forcing conditioned air out or drawing outside air in the home. It also keeps out unhealthy insulation and dust particles from the attic.
Insulators, Home Remodelers, HVAC Companies, General Contractors, Home Service Contracotors... 

No matter what part of the country you're in, no matter what the climate... If your customers have attic stairs, they need an Attic Tent!

The Attic Tent is available in seven sizes!

Sealing the envelope of the home will allow the HVAC system to heat or cool only the air in the home. This helps Maximize HVAC Efficiency!

Why add the ATTIC-TENT to your Contractor services?

Customers HVAC systems will perform more efficiently
Can triple your money and more in 15 minutes or less
Comes fully assembled and installs in 15 minutes or less
Smart packaging allows storage behind truck/van seat
Customers will love the added comfort in the house
Helps with Allergy control in the home (IAQ)


Download: Attic Tent Sizing Chart   Attic Stair Installation
Attic Tent over Knee Wall Door Installation
Attic Tent over Scuttle Hole Installation

Contact us to find out how The Attic Tent can be a new revenue source in 2009: The Attic Tent, Inc. 164 Mill Pond Lane Mooresville, NC 28115 www.attictent.com or call toll free. 1-877-660-5640

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