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REHAU Smart Controls

Integrating Complex HVAC Systems in Residential
to Mid-Range Commercial Projects

HVAC systems are becoming very complex as more buildings begin using renewable energy. To get all this technology working together efficiently, your customer’s mechanical room needs a conductor that signals each system to power up or down at just the right time. It needs an intelligent building control system that maximizes comfort and keeps energy costs as low as possible. REHAU Smart Controls brings harmony to energy performers with an easy-to-use, PC-based controls solution that you configure to meet the needs of each customer.

Working 24/7 to Optimize HVAC System Performance
The REHAU Smart Controls system is programmed to react to changes in a building’s environment, so it is working 24/7 to optimize HVAC system performance and indoor comfort. From a smart phone or any other Internet-enabled device, your customer is able to monitor and update system settings, making system control even smarter.

Here are some of the benefits REHAU Smart Controls offers your customers:

  • Allows user to set individual temperatures for each controlled zone.
  • Stores and maintains settings in a database accessible from anywhere in the world via the web.

  • Optimizes and manages the combined use of heating, cooling and ventilation systems to achieve comfort with the lowest possible energy use.

  • Interfaces with weather services, automatically adjusting settings in advance of changing weather conditions.

  • Constantly monitors the health and functioning of the HVAC system and reports any problems when they happen.

  • Permits user to define specific on/off events, so operation of water heater, forced-air and radiant systems can be coordinated to ensure the highest level of efficiency.

  • Makes sophisticated controls technology user friendly with an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface accessed through a standard web browser.

  • Allows service contractors to access the system and efficiently diagnose potential issues before arriving at the building site.

Learn More

Visit our REHAU Smart Controls web page to:

- Watch 4-minute video

- Request a demo

- Read about successful installations in our project profiles

- Register for a REHAU Smart Controls seminar

Or call us at (800) 247-9445 to request more information.

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