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Johnson Controls Products and Equipment Available on Autodesk® Seek.

Files now available for Water Source Heat Pumps, single packaged units, York air-cooled chillers, VAV boxes and fan-coil units.

Johnson Controls now offers a line of products and equipment on Autodesk® Seek web service. Visitors to the site can now access premium quality Autodesk Revit® Building Information Modeling (BIM) files for the following products: Water Source Heat Pumps; Johnson Controls Series 5, 10, 20, 40 and 100 Single Packaged Units; York Air-Cooled Chiller line (YCAV, YCIV, YLAA), Variable-Air Volume (VAV) boxes and fan-coil units. Sales and engineering guides, as well as installation, operation and maintenance manuals are also available. 

The Autodesk Seek web service allows consulting engineers, contractors and architects to search, select and specify a breadth of rich, high-quality building product content, including 3D models, 2D drawings, visual images and product specification data using Autodesk’s advanced search technology.

The BIM models are fully compliant with Revit guidelines and standards. The content has the appropriate level of detail, adequate number of types and follows the standards, which ensure the models reduce the performance impact on the project and enable the portability and performance of the content. Quality Revit content balances performance with design accuracy and required levels of detail. 

The BIM models are easy to use because they function reliably in a range of projects and project phases, while delivering manufactured content in a format appropriate for architecture and engineering design environments. 

Key features of Johnson Controls BIM Models: 

  • Graphic indicator when there is a breach in the design limitations that is product specific. 
  • High performance in the project environment. 
  • Geometry is constrained, 2D Geometry in Plan, Elevation and Section Views. 
  • Detail Level Changes are consistent with the systems that the content will be attached to. 
  • Engineering data is transferred through the systems correctly by the content connectors. 
  • Parameters are consistent with the master shared parameters list supplied by Autodesk Seek. 
  • Families are fully compliant with Autodesk Seek’s Revit Model Content Style Guide. 
  • All necessary properties are fully schedulable. 
  • All of the content is Manufacturer approved. 

To access the files on Autodesk Seek, visit http:// seek.autodesk.com/search/ johnson+controls+inc. 
For more information about Johnson Controls, visit www.johnsoncontrols. com.


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