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QA Graphics Expands 3D Design Capabilities for Equipment Manufacturers.

QA Graphics, an industry leader in the design of graphic outsourcing solutions for the building industry, has expanded their creative team to provide additional 3D design support for building equipment manufacturers. 

QA Graphics provides comprehensive graphic outsourcing services for the building industry, allowing their clients to spend less time creating graphics and further distinguish their products in the marketplace. One of QA Graphics’ core competencies is providing high-end 3D models and animations for equipment manufacturers. The company provides a number of equipment manufacturers with 3D graphics to accurately represent their HVAC equipment (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) and MEP equipment (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing). To meet the demands of their growing clientele, QA Graphics has recently hired another 3D design specialist to assist in the development of these 3D design solutions. 

QA Graphics works with building product manufacturers to create custom design solutions that provide 3D visualization and accurately represent building equipment. The company develops extensive 3D design solutions for the HVAC industry and can model any type of equipment, with a variety of animations to demonstrate how the products function. Utilizing high-end 3D models and animations is an effective way for manufacturers to showcase their HVAC and MEP equipment product lines; 3D photorealistic graphics can be included in print materials and animated graphics or videos can be used on manufacturer websites and in sales demonstrations. 

QA Graphics’ creative team can produce high-end 3D solutions from photos, existing graphics, schematic designs or product specifications. The 3D models can range in quality from wire frame, vector illustration, cel-shaded or photorealistic, and every detail, from the surfaces and lighting to the measurement specifications, is taken into account to ensure realistic representation. Samples of QA Graphics’ 3D solutions for HVAC equipment can be viewed at www.qagraphics.com/3d-hvac

In addition to 3D design solutions for HVAC and MEP equipment, QA Graphics offers a range of graphic outsourcing services including the creation of control system graphics, floor plans and BIM object creation. QA Graphics has also developed a 3D symbol library which provides images of equipment and components that allow users to create more appealing and realistic system graphics than provided by building automation system (BAS) software. The library provides basic graphics and animations needed to construct more realistic HVAC graphics and BAS graphics. With symbols including boilers, chillers, dampers, filters, piping, fans, cooling towers, generators, valves, ductwork, coils, and more, almost any control system or piece of equipment can be built. The 3D symbol library has successfully been implemented into numerous facilities and several leading control system manufacturers have worked with QA Graphics to acquire custom libraries. To learn more about accessing 3D graphics to effectively showcase HVAC and MEP equipment, or other graphic outsourcing solutions, contact QA Graphics at 515-965-3403. 

About QA Graphics 
QA Graphics is an innovative graphic development company specializing in control system graphics for the building automation industry. The company is a leader in the design of custom graphical user interfaces (GUI), energy dashboards, 3D design/animation, drafting services and BIM object design. QA Graphics also offers website development and multimedia solutions. Visit http://www.qagraphics.com to learn more.
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