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Rheem Offers Full Suite of Innovative Whole-Home Products to Increase Contractor Business and Meet Consumer Needs.

Creating a comfortable home environment involves more than installing a properly-sized water heating or HVAC system. In fact there is an array of accessory products available to today’s consumers that help create greater comfort and efficiency in the home. In addition to top-quality HVAC products, Rheem offers an extensive product line selection - including high efficiency water heaters, SEREGEN Home Generator Systems, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) systems and technologically innovative thermostats - that provide whole home comfort solutions. In fact, Rheem is the only manufacturer to provide both air and water products for home and commercial use. 

These innovative and environmentally conscious products can provide consumers with enhanced comfort, energy savings and peace of mind. Rheem provides HVAC contractors with a unique business edge by offering products they can use to up-sell and increase revenues while adding greater value for their customers. “By carrying items that can be added on top of an HVAC system sell, such as IAQ products, tankless water heaters or home generators, distributors and contractors can increase their profit margin on sales,” said Adam Schuster, manager, Rheem marketing and product development. 

“Additionally, contractors with a wide product mix gain favor with homeowners who can save time by calling on one expert to service their whole-home comfort system.” A natural product expansion is the addition of Rheem high efficiency water heaters. HVAC contractors have experience with electrical and gas connections, skills that can easily be transferred to the installation and service of tankless water heaters. Since water heating products are sold year-round and are less susceptible to the seasonal selling cycles of the HVAC industry, expansion into this growing market can increase a contractor’s customer base and bottom line. With hurricane and tornado seasons quickly approaching, many homeowners are preparing their homes for the worst and hoping for the best.

 Contractors who install Rheem SEREGEN Home Generator Systems can quickly position themselves as an indispensable safety resource to their customers. The Rheem SEREGEN Home Generator System offers homeowners dependability and safety by ensuring uninterrupted home comfort during power outages. Fully automatic and connected to a permanent fuel supply, SEREGEN products detect power interruptions and automatically supply the whole home with the electricity needed to power comfort systems, essential living items and critical medical equipment needs. “Many home-comfort professionals don’t think about adding home SEREGEN home generator systems to their product selection until after their customers have been left in the dark,” said Schuster. “By proactively recommending and installing generators, contractors can help keep their customers safe in emergencies.” According to Energy Star®, consumers are willing to pay as much as $5,000 more for a home with an advanced IAQ system. Rheem enables contractors to effectively address growing consumer concerns about the quality of the air in their homes by including Rheem IAQ accessories as a part of their core product offerings. 

The Rheem IAQ line includes: 

·Electronic Air Cleaners – Electronic air cleaners charge airborne particles and then trap them in a collection section. Electric air cleaners are available in portable or whole-house cleaners. 

· Media Filters – Media filters use three methods to clean the air: straining, interception and diffusion. 

·High Efficiency Particulate Arresting Filters – A HEPA filter removes 99.97 percent of particles smaller than .3 microns in diameter. These small particles pass more easily through the lungs and into the bloodstream, increasing the risk of illness. 

· Ultra Violet Lights – Installed within the supply duct, UV lights effectively eliminate mold and mildew within the system. 

·Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers – Humidifiers add moisture to the air, while dehumidifiers remove excess moisture. Proper moisture control contributes to IAQ, while excessive moisture may contribute to mold growth. 

Homeowners who demand customization when it comes to their home comfort system will love the Rheem Comfort Control² System™ High Definition Serial Communicating Thermostat. Featuring a stylish ultra slim-line design and compatible with all Rheem Comfort Control² System™ products, this technologically innovative product features advanced diagnostics, auto-configure capabilities and complete system customization for greater homeowner comfort and ease of use.

 Homeowners will also enjoy an active protection system that can detect undesirable operating conditions and intuitive programming controls that allow for complete temperature customization settings seven days a week. For more information on any of these products, please visit www. rheem.com

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