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Already established as a reliable multi-site energy management solution for building and facilities managers around the world, Teletrol's systems are being used in thousands of locations. Commercial campuses and multi-site retailers use eBuilding to remotely control multiple facets of building facilities, including: lighting, HVAC, and remote diagnostics. By reducing energy use across multiple locations, organizations can save over 20% on their energy spending. Combined with eBuilding's native XML and HTTP support, eBuilding is a complete, integrated set of system components, including network level controllers, programmable and preprogrammed unitary controllers, a modular I/O system, and a fully integrated set of configuration and user interface software.

eBuilding 5.0 has over 20 new features and improvements, including:
  • New Notes control - allowing building operators to enter, edit, and display free form text on any Facility page in the system
  • New notifications, alarms, messaging, calendars and schedules – expanding communications capabilities
  • New controller hardware – increasing system performance
  • New visual editor capabilities – giving building operators better control over energy management components
  • Updated software components and infrastructure, including Java, MySQL, Tomcat, and Apache - enhancing performance, reliability, and system security
  • Improved and expanded interoperability with other BACnet enabled devices – increasing control over energy management assets
  • Improved database indexing scheme - offering enhanced performance.

Adding a new facility in Teletrol eBuilding 5.0

Andy McMillan, CEO of Teletrol Systems Inc. said, “eBuilding 5.0 is a major step forward in energy management systems. We realized a long time ago that many products in the market would be web-enabled, but few would be fully Internet enabled. Improvements in standards-based technology and the rapid increase of investments in networking infrastructure have given us a clear picture of where our technology can offer the most value to our customers – and we factored that into the current release.” McMillan added, “We have also considered the many challenges facing building operators today – from soaring energy costs to the pressure to improve operational efficiencies - and believe that the investment in an energy management system will help address these challenges.”

About Teletrol Systems Inc.

Teletrol is a leading supplier of IT-friendly energy management systems and building controls designed around BACnet, Internet and Information Technology standards. Teletrol solutions enable building owners to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort and lower operating costs. Teletrol's suite of software and hardware products enables building professionals to integrate, automate, and manage buildings easily and efficiently. Teletrol Systems Inc. is privately held by Dean Kamen, entrepreneur, champion for science and technology, and inventor of the Segway™ HT, located in Manchester, New Hampshire. For more information, please visit www.teletrol.com.

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Teletrol Updates eBuilding Energy Management Solution Version 5.0 Delivers Increased Security and Enhanced Performance .

Manchester, New Hampshire (May 28, 2008) - Teletrol Systems Inc. today announced that the newest version of its eBuilding energy management solution is now available. Comprised of dedicated hardware and break-through software, the integrated suite now offers the industry's most powerful standards-based energy management solution available. The newest version of eBuilding is designed to seamlessly integrate with the latest building automation standards and commercial information technology (IT) standards. The result is a system that is proven to lower energy costs, increase the efficiency of site operations, and improve facility monitoring capabilities.

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